„Your voice makes space seem bigger than it is,“ a woman shared her impression after a concert by Polina Borissova, a.k.a. Polisfera.

For the past few years, Polisfera has worked as a healthcare clown in hospitals in Germany and crisis areas such as East-Ukraine and the Moria Camp on the island of Lesbos, always using music as a tool to give hope and connect with people beyond all cultural or lingual differences.

Now Polisfera performs on stage as a singer and composer with her own music, where she is playfully dancing through dreamy pop, cinematic landscapes, folk and world music with a touch of electronic.

With atmospheric music and poignant lyrics, she creates an intense experience, taking the listener on an emotional journey through the places, where we find hope and healing. Her first single „Mother’s Place“ is a prayer to the ancient mother, to mother Earth and the longing for this ancient safe place,  where death and rebirth become one, where we reconnect with nature, the place beyond „good and bad“, the place, where we find shelter and hope in moments when everything around us seem to crumble. The single is released just before the new year to help leave behind this year which left the world with many wounds and to serve as a guide to a new beginning.