Kosmoskonzerte #31, diesmal dabei: CEEYS

Am 6. Juli um 20 Uhr

Im Livestream via

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CEEYS are the multitalented instrumentalists and composers Brothers Selke,Sebastian and Daniel. Combining a shared passion for music and an impressive resume working alongside fellow luminaries Ólafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick they just released their latest album HIDDENSEE.

Their productions quickly amassed an organic following of listeners and got acclaim from tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs: “It’s an extraordinary piece of music. […] I saw them at a gig that I went to in Berlin. This is a project which is written about the buildings that surrounded them in their childhood, growing up on the streets of East Berlin. ”

Due to the pandemic they had to postpone the 4th edition of their Q3Ambientfest – a boutique music happening for contemporary music. The live version of their mesmerizing collaboration with Constant Presence, a Peter Broderick and Daniel O’ Sullivan duo project, is now planned for April 2022. This follows their ambient EP THESIS 17 onThesis Project released early 2020 in the form of a 10 inch vinyl with handmade artwork by Gregory Euclide.