Simeon Walker (UK), Aidan Baker (CA) & CEEYS (DE)
Apr 8, 2019
im Kosmos im Rechenzentrum Potsdam

KOSMOSKONZERTE is an open-minded house concert series.
While organized by musicians from Potsdam’s local scene, selected editions are carefully curated by brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, also known as award-winning cello-piano duo CEEYS, founders of Q3Ambientfest. Presented by Rechenzentrum Potsdam.

doors: 7 p.m. // concert: 8 p.m.
Space is limited.
5-10€ suggested donation.

:::::: Simeon Walker ::::::

Following a decade working as a musician, UK-based pianist & composer Simeon Walker has quickly emerged as a leading light in the burgeoning Modern Classical scene in his own right, following the release of his EP Preface (2016) and his debut full length album Mono (2017). On the back of this, he has completed a successful 8-date European Tour, been featured with airplay across BBC Radio 3, 6 Music & the World Service, and performed at Latitude Festival, all whilst collaborating with other musicians and artists and working on a follow up album.

With three consecutive official Piano Day playlist features and numerous glowing reviews from across the music world, Walker’s calm, introspective piano instrumentals invite the listener to find stillness and beauty as much in the spaces between the notes as the notes themselves, as musical stories are woven with each tender, intimate performance.
“Beautifully captivating” – Gold Flake Paint
“A tender-hearted collection of thoughtfully composed pieces in slow bloom and wrapped in hushed intimacy” – Stationary Travels
“Listening to ‘Mono’ is remembering to breathe again” – GIGsoup


:::::: Aidan Baker ::::::

Aidan Baker is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist using the electric guitar as his primary instrument.
Using prepared and alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, Baker creates music which generally falls within the ambient/experimental genre but draws on influences from post-rock, shoegaze, electronica, neo-classical, and jazz. A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects—most notably his dreamsludge duo project, Nadja, and including collaborations with Tim Hecker, Carla Bozulich, The Jesus Lizard’s Mac McNeilly, among others—on such independent labels as Gizeh Records, Important Records, Alien8 Recordings, and his own imprint, Broken Spine Productions. A frequent live performer, Baker has toured extensively around the world, including appearances at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, Unsound, and Mutek, to name a few. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Baker currently resides in Berlin, Germany.
A Selected Discography of Recent & Forthcoming Releases:
Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis – Invisible Cities – Karlrecords (lp) – 2018
Aidan Baker, Simon Goff, & Thor Harris – Noplace – Gizeh Records (lp) – 2017
Aidan Baker & Karen Willems – Nonland – Gizeh Records (lp) – 2017
Aidan Baker w/ Claire Brentnall – Delirious Things – Gizeh Records/Pleasence Records (cd/lp) – 2017
Aidan Baker & Tomas Järmyr – Werl – Consouling Sounds (cd) – 2016
Aidan Baker – Dualism – Midira Records (2cd) – 2016
Aidan Baker – The Confessional Tapes – Pleasence Records (lp) – 2015
Aidan Baker – The Sea Swells A Bit – Ici d’ailleurs (lp) – 2015
Aidan Baker – Triptychs – Important Records (cd) – 2014
Nadja – The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun… – Gizeh Records (cd/lp) – 2016
Nadja – Sv – Essence Music (cd) – 2016
Nadja – Songs For Wong Kar-Wai – Wist Records (cd/zine) – 2015
Nadja – Queller – Essence Music/Broken Spine Productions (cd/lp) – 2014
Caudal – Fight Cry Fight – Drone Rock Records/Katuktu Collective – (lp/cass) – 2018
B/B/S/ – Palace – Miasmah Records (lp) – 2016
Passing Through – Wounded Wolf Press – 2014
The Shape of Snakes – Averse Publishing/Broken Spine Productions – 2010
Place Name – Wingate Press – 2007
Wound Culture – Unbound Books – 2003
Fingerspelling – Penumbra Press – 2001


:::::: CEEYS ::::::

“It’s an extraordinary piece of music. It’s a work of two brothers, Sebastian on cello and Daniel on piano, and together they play as CEEYS. I saw them premiere tracks from their new album at Neue Meister gig that I went to very recently in Berlin. This is a project, which is actually dedicated to their parents and it is written about the buildings that surrounded them in their childhood, growing up on the streets of East Berlin.” – Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 6 Music
‘Hybrid’ is a word that has always been vital to CEEYS’ vocabulary, but its application is not limited to the manner in which
cellist Sebastian Selke and his brother, pianist Daniel Selke, combine their two instruments so harmoniously. Instead, like the duo’s very name – which merges the words ‘VIOLONCELLE’ (fr.: cello) and ‘KEYS’ – it is reflective of their overall aesthetic, one in which they integrate the many ingredients that have helped shape them as both musicians and people:
“Brought up in the last decade of the former GDR, we use our releases to come to terms with our memories, impressions and feelings about these rather hybrid times.” – CS
The award-winning work of the duo is provoked by their urge to explore recollections of their youth, both before and after the fall of the regime, and to apply those lessons and influences to contemporary music. CS’ idiosyncratic style is characterised by a rather reduced approach to composition and improvisation. In exploiting their knowledge of songwriting, textures and repetitive patterns, they create an experimental but accessible minimalism between avant-garde and pop that incorporates elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music. Sebastian and Daniel have been featured on numerous album releases and soundtracks. Sebastian has also collaborated with Ólafur Arnalds and Spitfire Audio. He is part of Masayoshi Fujita’s Book of Life and Erased Tapes’ tenth anniversary box 1+1=X. They’ve also reworked the likes of Peter Broderick, Carlos Cipa and Lambert, and released two albums of their own, 2016’s The Grunewald Church Session and 2017’s Concrete Fields, released by 1631 Recordings, distributed digitally worldwide by Decca Publishing and Deutsche Grammophon. In combination with a love poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, the music and visualization for the album Concrete Fields won the Special Award at the International Poetry Film Festival Vienna in 2017. CS played festivals like Fusion and Reeperbahn and are still touring Europe.
Finally the brothers founded Q3Ambientfest, a carefully curated annual boutique music festival, FLIMMERKONZERTE, a film concert series in partnership with Filmmuseum Potsdam and the co-curated KOSMOSKONZERTE, a house concert series at Rechenzentrum Potsdam. Currently, CS are presenting their third album WÆNDE at the Berlin label Neue Meister. Here, they focus on the remembrance of 1989, a year which brought many changes. The record release show was presented by Funkhaus Berlin and portrayed by Ableton. At the same time, music for their first solo EPs is in the making, once more at their Klingenthal Studio, named after the small East German town where Vermona once invented and built its instruments.
[Wyndham Wallace]


More info available on
www.CEEYS.de and www.Q3Ambientfest.com


Kosmoskonzerte ist eine monatliche Konzertreihe im Rechenzentrum Potsdam, die lokalen bis internationalen Künstler*innen einen intimen Raum gibt, um ihre Musik zu präsentieren. Sie wird organisiert von einem kleinen Kollektiv Potsdamer Schaffender aus Musik, Technik, Booking und Kultur, um die Potsdamer Bühnen um eine kleine diverse Spielstätte zu bereichern.

Mitmachen?! Schreibt an kosmoskonzerte@eemaill.org

Die Kosmoskonzerte sind ein Projekt des Freundliche Übernahme Rechenzentrum e.V. und werden gefördert von der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam- Die Reihe wird realisiert mit Unterstützung und in freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit der Stiftung SPI Rechenzentrum, der Initiative Popularmusik Brandenburg, der Kulturlobby Potsdam, dem Duo CEEYS, von Klangproduktion.